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"Not only do I leave feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, but Shauna has been able to help immensely with knotted muscles and pain due to extensive driving and computer use.  Her attention to detail, and continued training and interest in new therapies and tools to make the massage more beneficial are just a few reasons why I will keep coming back.  Shauna's passion for massage and caring spirit come through in every session."  Sharon Boretsky

"As a sufferer of chronic pain, I am truly blessed to have found a massage therapist in our small town of Mabank, TX.  Shauna is one of the most compassionate people I know.  When you first walk into her room, you instantly feel welcome and a sense of relaxation.  Her touch can't be beat.  She has a sense of knowing where my pain is and uses the right amount of touch and pressure to get all of the tension and tight muscles relaxed and unknotted.  When I leave after my 90 minute session, my mind and body are reconnected.  I feel little to no pain, which is very unusual for me.  I honestly believe that God works through her to help us feel better.  You won't be disappointed when you give her a call".  Staci Brown

"I love the relaxing environment and how wonderful I feel after every massage.  I'm hooked on 90 minute sessions now.  Anything less feels like I'm cheating myself".  Tamra F.

"I was new to massage, but Shauna was so professional and comforting.  She explained what would take place during the session, and how it could help with my anxiety and stress which eased my concerns.  Shauna's massages are so relaxing, I noticed positive affects in my day to day life.  I am now a firm believer in the healing effects of massage therapy for both mind and body".      Shiloh H.

"I have found massage to be the most relaxing treatment for an all over tension release.  I always feel like a new person after my Swedish massage.  It's my favorite and makes me a very happy lady."  G.F.

"As a massage therapist myself, clients have always told me how connected they felt, how the world was a brighter place to be after their massages.  I was always honored because I always asked God to work through me to deliver the massage He wanted them to have, so hearing this I had a sense of a job well done for them and God but with doing lots of massages and lots of body work...it sometimes left me with a feeling of, "Awe I want one" or "Man, I wish I could flip my arms around like a Barbie doll!" I had many massages from some really good therapists but just couldn't find just that "right one".  Then Shauna graduated!! "Thank you Jesus", was exactly what I thought after just the 1st 10 minutes of my 1st massage.  Her knowledge was amazing and her touch 2nd to none!  You could feel her heart in her touch and she could "feel" the tension and hotspots in my body.  When my session ended, I then knew what my clients left feeling like!  My mind, body and spirit had been relaxed, energized, and reconnected!  I was ready to take on the world again.  Top this greatness with her love for God and the terrific person she is and you won't find a better therapist anywhere else!!!  Crystal Coleman, LMT

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